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Andrew Marr yesterday admitted his wife was ‘very cross’ with him after pictures emerged of him in an intimate clinch with another woman. Suitcase in hand, the. 'It was the weirdest day ever': Police respond after woman in purple nightgown spotted walking a naked man on all fours with a leash on rural road. Site-wide callout section Specials, promotions or banners could go here Button Example → ©.

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Gillian Anderson wraps up role of Dana Scully on season finale with major cliffhanger for Fox Mulder She's got that glow! Bolton was a leading advocate of the invasion of Iraq under President George W. Do you own or rent property in Massachusetts? Police in West Virginia had to respond to a bizarre incident on Tuesday morning when members Man And Woman Kissing Almost Naked the public called in to say they had seen a naked man being walked on a leash by a woman in a purple nightgown.

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